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Carole presenting at iRefresh Ministries

“Whoever listens to me (Wisdom) will live in safety
and be at ease without fear of harm.” Prov. 1:33

Divine Defense Ministries has been founded to teach the Body of Christ how to walk through these uncertain times with certainty of faith in the Lord who promised He would never leave or forsake us.  Through various types of training methods, we equip the saints with truths from the Word that enable them to run their races without fear of harm, regardless of the circumstances.

With over 27 years of law enforcement experience, founder Carole Newell brings practical applications of the Word of God into real life situations, and teaches saints the steps they can take to avoid them. The devil may have many plots against the children of God, but the Bible says we aren't ignorant of his schemes. (II Cor. 2:11)

We believe that for every weapon the enemy comes against us with, God has a divine defense to more than conquer it!

Newell admonishes church leaders to protect churches

BA Ledger Carole Newell
Maj. Carole Newell of Divine Defense Ministries spoke about church security at the Broken Arrow Ministerial Assistance meeting April 24, at Harvest Church, 1814 S. Main St.

Newell is the founder of Divine Defense Ministries and recently retired from the Broken Arrow Police Department after serving 28 years on the force.

Newell also serves as the head of security at World Outreach Church, 8863 E 91st St., pastored by Mark and Janet Brazee.

Newell encouraged those at the meeting to be cognizant of the rise in church targeted violence.

“Since 1999, there have been 649 violent incidents including abductions, attacks, suspicious deaths, suicides and deadly force intervention or protection by members of the church,” Newell said.

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